Cristiana Guesthouse is situated in the Danube Delta, the shores of Lake Murighiol. Location in the heart of the Delta Delta, Cristiana Guesthouse makes an ideal place for to spend moments of relaxation, by organizing tours by boat or barge and research expeditions,  fishing and hunting areas of the delta.

     Paradise wild lying on a surface of 4200 km, "one of the last sanctuaries of nature", is an exotic land with over 1,200 species of trees and plants, with the richest fauna Ornitologica on the continent (over 300 species, including unique pelican colonies) and ichthyological (represented by about 100 species, of which mention carp, pike, herring and Danube sturgeons, which is obtained precious caviar). The largest wetlands reserve land in Europe, the Danube Delta was declared in 1990, with support from UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

     At 2.5 km from hostel on the right side of the arm Sfantu Gheorghe is HALMYRIS fortress. Archaeological traces found in the area dates from the first and second Iron Age, the Roman age and medieval period. Citadel has experienced several evolutionary stages: Roman fortification of earth, rock camp, late Roman fortification. Near the fortress, to the west, is a civil settlement intinsa from the same period.